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Cathodic Protection Management

Cathodic Protection Management, Inc (CPM) was established and incorporated in 1998 specializing in the management of cathodic protection systems. This includes the design and maintenance of sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection systems, including conventional, semi deep and deep anode groundbed systems, monitoring stations, test coupons, remote external and internal corrosion control monitoring and mitigation. In 1999 CPM became a full service corrosion control company offering engineering services, materials, and installation capabilities.

CPM consists of individuals with sales and technical expertise in the corrosion control industry. Our staff is comprised of a balance of book and field educated personnel. Members of our staff have work experience with AC Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Engineering Consulting.

The CPM Staff also included personnel with the following direct assessment specialty credentials: Magnetic (Mag) Particle Inspection, Visual Inspection, Penetrant Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection and Certified Welding Inspection QC1-96

At CPM, our specialties are the tasks that are consideered difficult, i.e. Stray DC current interference, Induced AC Voltage, MIC, etc.

External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) tasks are performed in accordance with National Association of Corrosion Engineers, (NACE) international and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) as required.

Pipeline surveys that we routinely perform include but are not limited to: Close Interval (Potential) Survey (CIS or CIPS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG), Soil Resistivity, GPS, and Depth of Cover (DOC).

Additional corrosion control/cathodic protection surveys that we perform include: Aboveground Storage Tanks, Undergound Storage Tanks, Remote Monitoring, Heat Exchangers along with other metallic Structures.

We perform inspections at Tank Farms, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Water Towers, Lift Stations and Buried Vaults.

Current company activities include managing cathodic protection systems, installation projects, inspection of cathodic protection materials and installation during construction, technical assistance and consulting for various cathodic protection systems, provide QA/QC and packaging for sacrificial anodes, and material supplier to utilities, gas, petroleum and water pipeline owners, operators and contractors. Our warehouse located in Chicago is centrally located to provide materials support for the entire Midwest.

At the present time Cathodic Protection Management, Inc is associated with Manufacturers, Professional Engineers, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Corrosion Specialists and Certified Corrosion Control Technicians.

The Principals
The principals of CPM are William P. Carlson and Eric S. Langelund.
William "Bill" CarlsonThe owner and president of CPM, William P. Carlson has worked exclusively in the corrosion control community for the past thirty years. Previously to forming CPM, he was a co-founder of the largest publicly traded Corrosion Control Company in the world where he served a s a senior Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors. During his tenure, he directed their slaes, engineering, construction and cathodic protection maintenance and materials manufacturing operations at five locations located in the Midwest. He managed the larges regional operation of the corporation with more than 100 technical and support staff.
During his career he introduced numerous new and upgraded products, established a technical sales training program complete with sales manuals and point of sale support materials, and established distributors in specific markets. Mr Carlson also excelled in specification preparation that resulted in proprietary and sole source procurment of products and services, a specialty was the "packaged systems" whereby complete systems were promoted which usually reduced or eliminated the use of "look alike" products. Introducing new products or services were promoted trrough seminars and "brown bag" presentations to decision making employees or specifiying engineers. ut e URD market, the water and wastewater market and the radio and microwave towers market are just a few that did not regularly use cathodic protection but were developed under Mr. Carson's direction and continue to be exceptionally profitable.

Introducing new products, such as Link Seals, reintroducing upgraded products such as aerial surveillance equipment and remote monitoring and pipeline coating acceptance are areas where Mr. Carlson displayed his talents. Selling the full line proved to be effective and profitable.
Mr. Carlson has extensive experience in the application of corrosion control to various structures, unique design concepts, product serviceability and reliability, installation procedures and monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems. He is certified and licensed in the States of Wisconsin as an Underground Tank System Installer, Illinois in Underground Storage Tank Cathodic Protection and Indiana as an Undergound Storage Tank Installer and Retrofitter.

He holds and shares in several patents in the corrosion control field. He is a 30-year member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, (NACE), twice served on the NACE Board of Directors and received numerous awards including NACE's Outstanding Service Award. Mr. Carlson has participated in training courses and technical presentations at various Universities, is a guest lecturer at several Midwest Universities and is a preferred speaker at the University of Wisconsin Aboveground Storage Tank Program. Mr .Carlson has served on the O'Hare Corrosion Control Committee, Chicago Area Joint Electrolysis Committee and serves as a representative on the Joliet Underground Corrosion Control Committee.

While serving in his various positions, Mr. Carlson's expertise includes the application of cathodic protection to various facilities including cross country pipeline, bulk storage tank farms, refineries, missile silos, undergound concentric cables, tower anchors, underground storage tanks, steel lift stations and water storage tanks. He has supervised engineering and construction departments on projects located through the Midwest and has been involved in the installation of cathodic protection systems and coating repair programs.

Mr. Carlson has an extensive background in providing specialty consultants, sub-contractors and materials to handle unique project requirements and assist in peak loads. During his career he had the opportunity to work with a diversity of professional engineers, licensed contractors, environmental assessment and remediation specialists, well drilling contractors, manufacturers of various products, installers specializing in directional boring and technicians specializing in natural gas leak surveys and close interval electronic surveys. Based on this experience and association with these professionals, Mr. Carlson can select from the most qualified experts, materials and contractors to handle virtually any type of corrosion control activity.

Eric Langelund
The project engineer for CPM, Eric S. Langelund, has worked in the corrosion industry for the past ten (10) years. Mr. Langelund has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in Materials Engineering. He currently holds his Engineer-in-Training certificate and is also a NACE International certified Cathodic Protection Specialist. His experience primarily consists of providing corrosion control consulting services for new and existing cathodic protection system installations. These services include planning, designing, installing and troubleshooting cathodic protection systems for jet A fuel, natural gas, water, sewer and oil piping along with aboveground and underground storage tanks. Mr. Langelund also has extensive experience supervising technicians, writing and reviewing project specifications, laying out and reviewing project drawings, preparing submittals, bills of materials and reports.

Specific cathodic protection technical expertise for Mr. Langelund includes conducting stray DC current interference analysis, QA/QC inspection during construction, pipeline casing testing, pipeline coating investigations, ultrasonic thickness testing, potential surveys (including close interval), direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) survey, continuity and electrical isolation testing, soil resistivity measurements and current requirement testing.

Mr. Langelund is also fluent in Spanish.

While with CPM, Mr. Langelund has brought not only his technical skills, but also pipeline industry contacts. These contacts include petroleum pipeline companies along with other pipeline industry vendors. we obviously hope to use some of these contacts in our efforts to launch a successful distributorship of pipeline coating materials.


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