Saturday, June 21, 2008

EP-TECH is manufacturing pipeline and cathodic protection equipments

It is our pleasure to introduce you our Hexlogger Model “EPT/HEX-4000”, a new GPS equipped survey equipment that able to perform CIPS, DCVG, and DCVG+CIPS pipeline survey. It has four channels in Data Logger mode with ability to record ON and OFF potential with distance, GPS coordinates and time stamped .

By clicking a finger you can plot your information graph and find out the critical protection parts of the pipelines.

I attached a Hexlogger manual instruction with technical information for your consideration. Please advise us if you need more technical information in this regard.

EP-TECH is manufacturing pipeline and cathodic protection equipments such as:
GPS Data logger Surveyor (CIPS & DCVG) Model:
"EPT/HEX-4000" "New"
DCVG Surveyor Holiday Detector Model “EPT-4000”
GPS Current Interrupter Model “EPT/CI-100”
GPS Synchronized Rectifier Timer Model "EPT/GPS- RCI"
Soil Test Resistance Meter Model “EPT/124F”
High voltage Holiday Detector Model “EPT/AC-20”
Pearson coating test Holiday Detector Model “EPT- 1000C”
Pipe and Cable Locator Model “EPT-1000”
Digital Corrosion Meters Model “EPT/LC-200”,and “EPT/DPM-20”
Would you please advise us if you are using these kinds of equipment in your services? We are very interested in to work with your company in this regard. Please advise us if you need technical information in this regard. We will design and supply any other equipment in this field upon your request.

Dear valued customers:
• We have been manufacturing Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control Equipment since 1980. High voltage Holiday detector was the first Equipment, which we have started to manufacture, and then we have made other instruments like Pipeline Locators, Pearson Holiday detector, Leak Detector, Soil Test Resistance, CP voltmeter, DCVG Holiday detector, Metal detector, and etc. We are proud of manufacturing more than 5000 units in services in the world.
• By relaying to our experience, we discovered the equipment that used to work in the field must be simple but accurate. The people who work in the field normally do not prefer complicated equipment to waste their time without precise results. We have to manufacture equipment that enables operators to work in the field easily without any special training.
• This was the goal of our professional engineers for designing new equipment. We tried to make equipment as simple as possible by deleting everything that makes it complicated, however; we put instruments accuracy our first priority.
• We appreciate any feedback from customers to apply in our new equipment. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Alex Jafari, P.Eng.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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